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Strange dream

I spent all day in bed, which was bad, because I have a buttload of homework. But I had this dream, which was good.

In my dream, I flew out to California on a huuuuge jumbo jet (with lots of terrorism precautions) to rent a room in Richard Belzer's house. (Richard Belzer is the actor who plays Det. John Munch on the late lamented Homicide, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and guest appearances on various other shows including The X-Files. He is also my most unusual celebrity crush.) Apparently he had been married to or otherwise involved with a sister of mine (even though I don't have a sister) and I was going to try to get them back together while I was out there. Instead, he and I fell in love. At the end of the dream, we had my sister's blessing, his cats liked me, and he was a dreamy kisser even though I had to stand on the stairs in order to kiss him.

I can't wait to hear what Jason thinks of this.

This was a nice change from my usual dreams. If I even remember those, which I rarely do, they're filled with confusion, chaos, and me screwing things up. But this was a dream where things went well. And it even had a happy ending, to boot.

If anyone wants to try to interpret my strange little, happy little dream, I'd love to watch you try. ;)
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