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Ow ow ow

My head hurts like fuck.

It drives me crazy that people don't understand that I have a shred of self-awareness. Most of the time I'm damned aware that I'm contradicting myself.

And I'm tired of everyone telling me what to do. I can't tell you how mad I got last weekend when I explained my current thoughts on religion and God (somewhat similar to the ones expressed in Garth Ennis' Preacher) and Leah, my brother's girlfriend, promptly told me that I needed to go to church and all my problems would go away if I went to church.

Bullshit. (But her judgment's somewhat questionable already -- she seems to think that my ill-mannered, self-centered brother is a good boyfriend.)

I'm going home to read for my paper, eat junk food, get drunk, and cuddle the cat -- all at the same time, of course
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