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I know there are some lovely people who are lawyers. Most of the students who come to see me are wonderfully polite, and there's one professor that I just love to get stuff -- even hard-to-find U.N. documents that take hours -- for because he's always so gracious and appreciative. Actually, I have some nice-lawyer stories I've been meaning to write.

But I tend to write about the walking stereotypes, because, well, I'm trying to be funny. I know no one wants to hear about my weight, my love life, or my insecurities, but everyone bitches about their jobs, so, I don't know, it seemed safe.

My whole life I've had this drive to make people laugh, despite being told by plenty of people that I'm just not that funny. I tend to go too far for the laugh.

I spend too much damn time on LiveJournal anyway.

So really: I don't hate lawyers, I just get mad at the ones who treat me poorly and get my petty revenge here.

"If these shadows have offended,
Think but this and all is mended:
I'm just trying to make you laugh... damn, it's been too long since I've written iambic pentameter."
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