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So, when do I start feeling like a grownup?

Tuesday (April 22) is my birthday. I'll be turning 25. I'm starting to feel old.

Yes, I know 25 isn't "old"! But I'm frustrated with what I haven't accomplished, especially in the last three years when everything went to shit. I'm digging my way back up, slowly but surely, but I realized last week that I made a goal on my last birthday -- write my novel -- that I didn't even come anywhere close to. (I wrote Homicide fanfic, does that count? I probably wrote enough stuff in here to make a novel, how 'bout that?)

I have to admit I get a lot of satisfaction out of my job, even if I am just a glorified gofer. (Official title: Interlibrary Loan Specialist. Unofficial title: Copy Bitch/Errand Wench.) Yesterday while sailing out the door I tossed off to a coworker, "If anyone's looking for me, I'm in a meeting at General" and felt utterly grownup and sophisticated. (The meeting was boring as fuck, but that's not important.)

But I guess I'm still waiting to see when I start feeling grownup. I have a feeling I'm going to be waiting for a while.
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