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Why am I here again?

My vote is already taken care of, but I still don't want to be here today. I want to be lounging on a pile of pillows, eating bonbons and watching state after state turn blue on the little map. (I'm dressed head-to-toe in blue today. Hey, whatever gets you through the day.)

I'm not going to start babbling now. You already know how I feel. Go. Vote. Double-check your ballot. Be on the lookout for anything hinky. The rest, I think I've already said. About fifteen million times.

I'm too antsy to accomplish anything significant over the next six hours. And I'm not making a secret of the fact that tonight I'm going to be drinking heavily just to get through the results. Try not to scream at me too loud tomorrow, okay? Yeah, I know. I'm bad. I'm gorging myself on chocolate right now; at six o'clock, that turns to booze.

I'm trying to think positive. I love my country, and I don't want it continuing on the path it's on.
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