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Sucks to be me, just a tiny tiny bit

I'd heard some rumblings on the radio about 99X becoming the first "digital only" station or some bullshit like that (seriously, I'm pretty damn sure there have been "digital only" stations for a while) but had pretty successfully ignored it because that would require giving a damn or something. Then this morning in the car I got the unpleasant surprise of "The Bert Show." Turns out what they really meant was they're replacing 99X with Q100 or one of those crap stations and sticking 99X on teh intarwubz where I can't listen to it in my car, which is the only place I ever listen to the radio anyway. 

I'm pretty annoyed because I don't know of a single other Atlanta station that doesn't suck, except the Georgia State station, which is too hip for me anyway. Oh, and NPR, but really, I don't need anything intellectual distracting me while I'm trying to drive. James likes Star 94, but anything that plays Hannah Montana is just not what I'm looking for. Anyone got any recommendations? Because I really don't need to be fucking with my CD player in traffic.  

It bums me out. 99X wasn't always great, but it was pretty dependable for a morning show that jibed with my sense of humor (most of the time) and music that usually didn't want to make me gouge my eardrums out (that Korn Bizkit phase of theirs notwithstanding). Bringing back the '90s alternative ruled. I guess really it's sentimental; I found 99X right when I got to Atlanta and eight years later, it's one of the few things from back then still in my life (I feel like I've gone through three personalities or something). 

In that vein, I am going to try to come back to LJ a little bit, for real this time. I don't expect I'll be posting or commenting much, but it would be good to try and catch up with what's going on with my friends. 
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