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Conclusive proof that streamliner is a bastard...

at least online.

Neptune 611: im off to eat
Neptune 611: you can join if youd like
kellamania: hmmm... I appreciate the offer, but maybe I should wait and eat with A when I pick him up.
kellamania: another time?
Neptune 611: no
kellamania: :'(
kellamania: why not?
Neptune 611: i dont like you
kellamania: don't you love me anymore?
Neptune 611: NO ONE
Neptune 611: and i mean
Neptune 611: NO ONE
Neptune 611: says NO to me
kellamania: (sniffle)
kellamania: please please please??
Neptune 611: no
kellamania: waaaaah!!
kellamania: I'm going to cry and whine till you like me again
Neptune 611: oh bitch bitch bitch
Neptune 611: ha ha
Neptune 611: visualize me not caring :-)
kellamania: fuck you.
Neptune 611: thats not very nice
kellamania: please please pleeeeeeeze??
Neptune 611: no
Neptune 611: i have to go
kellamania: do you forgive me yet?
Neptune 611: no
kellamania: if you don't I'll write about you on LJ
Neptune 611: good
Neptune 611: see if i care
kellamania: :'(:'(:'(:'(
kellamania: :'(:'(:'(:'(
Neptune 611: im outta here. write something about me on LJ and see where that gets you. ha ha ha.
Neptune 611: i'll ttyl
kellamania: okay (sniffle)
kellamania: (sob)
Neptune 611: ;-)
kellamania: :-P

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