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Everybody loves a mystery...

This morning I got a couple of pieces of email. One of them was my horoscope:

Do you like detective stories, Kelly? If so, you may find them of use today
as you play the role of Ms. Sherlock Holmes. A missing object, an
intellectual problem, or a mystery of some kind appearing in your life could
have you curious enough to search for the truth. This is a good way to
train your powers of observation - though intuition will probably play a
strong role in your success. Go to it, and have fun!

And the other one was:

Someone you know checked your email address after receiving a crush from a secret

Click here to find out who likes you!

This was from Rather than willy-nilly entering email addresses of everyone I know trying to figure out who it is when the email may have just been spam intended to get my friends' addresses, I'm going to ask you good people. Is known as a spammer?

Better yet, do you have a crush on me? I can suggest some better ways to let me know... Chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals...

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