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Happy Easter

My mommy made me an Easter basket (well, Easter paper bag) and I opened it today to find some really good stuff:

** a Moulin Rouge tape (I'd just seen this and I love it!)
** a pretty picture frame
** a pack of Dove truffle egss (my favorite)
** some more candy
** a nice-smelling candle
** a rubber ducky that squirts water out of its beak...

And of course...

** the little stuffed quacking ducky which is the reason I got the basket in the first place.

See, I showed my mom the cute little ducky in Wal-Mart over spring break, and she said "You want an Easter basket, don't you" and then sent me back to Atlanta with orders not to open it until Easter. (Which I managed.)

I called Mom a few minutes after I opened the basket. When she answered the phone, I pressed the ducky and it began quacking. It was so good to hear her laugh.

Yes, I do have an obsession with duckies.

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