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Grading makes me cranky.

I like the teaching, but I don't like the grading.

Teaching's been going quite well. The kids who want to talk all the time are bright, as usual, but I discovered by picking on a couple of the quieter kids that they're quite intelligent too. Now I want to figure out how to bring them out of their shells a little more.

But the grading... (LOUD GROAN) It's so stressful, trying to be fair and not too easy and knowing the students are going to be upset when they don't get top scores, never mind that the prof said to really reserve those for special occasions. I don't particularly want the class to know that on the grading scale of 1 to 5, the one 5 was given to a freshman. (A very impressive freshman, but still...)

I'm starting to think that my life's work may be in teaching, but not in college. Only time will tell... I've got to quit being so anxious. Right now all I need to be worrying about is this week's influx of homework. Anybody read The Algerine Captive?

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