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The weirdness that is LiveJournal

I keep trying to explain LiveJournal to friends of mine. "Well, it's an online journal. But it's not exactly a journal. But it's like a journal."

Yeah, I know LiveJournal's a journal. But it's not the same kind of journal I keep when I just write stuff out in an old notebook. People are actually reading this. Therefore, I personally feel compelled to make a little bit of sense. I mean, I know it's my journal, but all the same it's out there for people to read and I don't want them to read it and go "man, she's an idiot."

And of course, there's the whole question of why do I (and so many others) put my journal out there for all the world to read? A., my ex-boyfriend/still good friend, doesn't understand it at all and thinks I'm a freak for doing it. (I haven't even fully identified him by name because I know he would consider even his first name being on here an invasion of the privacy he so treasures, and I respect that, because I respect him.) I even asked him if he wanted to see mine after I put it up, and he acted as if I was inviting him to do a mind invasion.

So am I an exhibitionist for putting all this up here? I don't think so. The writing clears my mind; it's been a godsend in these crazy weeks. And some of these things are things I want to share. LiveJournal is real, realer to me than some of the things I encounter every day. And I take a comfort in that.

Of course if I really am a freak, I don't mind ;)

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