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Not that I'd totally leave this decision up to the masses...

Pretty soon -- like, in the next two months -- I'm going to have to decide if I'm staying in Atlanta after the summer or moving, either back to Pulaski or to some other location. There are some pretty compelling reasons for and against each of the options:

For Atlanta:

** I don't know how much change I can handle all at once.

** I have built a life here, such as it is.

** There are a lot of people I'd miss.

Against Atlanta:

** It's expensive

** Why would I want to linger at the site of greatest failure? Wouldn't that slow the healing?

** I've agreed with Rick's statement that "Atlanta is a city with no soul" too many times to count

** The traffic is making me a bitch.

For Home:

** Rent-free

** Get some nurturing from my mom

** Take time to plot my next move

Against Home:

** I fucking hate Pulaski

** There's nothing to do, job-wise

** I have no friends there

** It would probably just make me feel like more of a failure.

For Someplace Else:

** A fresh start! Because sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name.

Against Someplace Else:

** If I was lonely here, how will I feel in a place where I literally don't know anybody?

So, I figure Constant Reader (twenty cool points if you identify the allusion) might have some good advice.

Poll #34073 I just want you to let me know...

Should I stay or should I go?


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