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I will love him and hug him and squeeze him and call him Sylvester.

Sandy (my soon-to-be landlady) says that she and her husband will lure Sylvester home from the neighbor's house where he's been hiding out to escape having his ass handed to him by the oldest (and fattest) cat, Sam. She thinks now that it's getting cold, he'll enjoy living in the basement with me. I haven't asked, but I'm assuming he's black and white. Sandy says he's very cuddly. She also says that Nick, the third cat, will be banging on my door looking for attention. I've met Nick and he's a sweetie. For that matter, I like Sam too.

And I haven't even gotten started about Molly the Jack Russell terrier... Jack Russell terriers have been described as big dogs in little-dog bodies. They've also been described as "on crack." Both apply to Molly.

I just hope my landlords continue to be as nice as they've been so far...

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