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Can you believe this one?

At this point the personal ads are only up for amusement and writing material. I've given up on them, but I still can't believe that someone thought this was a good approach to writing a complete stranger. This just might be the oddest approach yet:

"Hi Beatrice, let me know if you would like to talk
about getting together sometime. I hope to not be to
forward but I will let you know that I love to give
full body massages. I do not mind if at first you
leave your bra and panties on but I do look forward to
working every body part. I do not have a pic to
provide so I do not mind setting up a 5 minute meeting
at a safe public location and then going from there. I
look forward to making you smile and then some. I wont
mind if you beg for more!!!!!"

Is anyone surprised that I didn't write him back?

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