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Taking a page from shadesong...

Reading at work: A Keeper of Words, by Anna-Marie Ferguson. This book accompanies the Legend: Arthurian Tarot. I'm in a hurry to finish it because I'm trading it and my extra copy of the deck for the out-of-print Shakesperian Tarot and I need to get it in the mail, like, yesterday. Then I need to go on to two romances for review for

Reading at home: I feel obligated to finish one of the romances before I truly let myself loose on Harry Potter! I've skimmed the first two but really want to read them straight through. Also various books on tarot and feng shui, and I'm itching to reread my favorite Titanic book, A Night to Remember by Walter Lord. And I need to read the Anita Blake books that shadesong and yendi lent me. yendi, did you realize you wrote a dedication to your "little sister" in the first one? Too funny.

Reading is my addiction. It feels so good to be reading again...

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