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"When I was your age..."

Yesterday I was eating my lunch (spinach salad with lots of kidney beans) in the cafeteria when I noticed the table next to me.

They were four teenage boys, apparently attending a debate camp. They were animatedly chatting about where they wanted to go to college, their experiences on debate teams, their strong opinions on politics. (One said he'd used "George W. Bush is a moron" as an entire debate strategy, and another said that missile defense only worked in his Civ III game.)

I sat there and listened to them and it was like looking back into my past, when I was a young teen going to TIP and meeting kids who spoke my language. And for the first time in my life, I desperately wanted to be a teenager again, all full of idealism and great dreams.

I wanted to tell them "when I was your age I was just like you," but I knew they wouldn't understand. So I sat, and I listened, and I remembered, and I blessed them as they went on their way.

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