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I am the Trivia Goddess!!

Or is that the Goddess of Useless Knowledge?

If there's one thing that little insecure me is confident, dare I say cocky about, it's my trivia ability. Case in point: A while back, sirinek invited me to games night. We were trash-talking all week over IM each claiming we were going to kick the other's ass at Trivial Pursuit.

When the big night came, I kicked his ass and smacked it for good measure.

So I finally managed to make it to trivia with sirinek this week. I was so full of myself that I even promised a first-place win. And I delivered through my knowledge of geography, Marilyn Monroe's ex-husbands, and titles of the British nobility (gleaned mainly from romance novels).

I so enjoy being competitive.

(Have I mentioned that one of my life goals is to be a five-time champion on Jeopardy?)

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