September 11th, 2001


Whorlwind is very smart.

He said:

"If you let go of your expectations and your needs, you will have them fulfilled."

Or something like that. He's sitting right next to me and he can't remember what he said. Silly Whorlwind.
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What would Douglas Adams do?

Don't Panic.

My impulse is to panic, or throw up. This is beyond anything I could have imagined. Vidicon is right -- we are all the victims.

I woke up this morning and checked my voice mail to hear a message from my mother. I don't ever think I'll forget the terror in her voice. This is why they are called terrorists. But they have no idea who they're messing with.

I don't really believe the Taliban's claims that they weren't involved at this point. But remember -- Timothy McVeigh was just another skinny white guy. Let us treat all people with respect, especially all civilians. (Frankly, I think we'd be doing the Afghan people a favor if we just obliterated the Taliban.)

This post makes no sense, but that's okay. Sense isn't my top priority right now.

This really shows how the Internet has changed the fabric of American life. I *had* to get to a computer to find out what was going on, to check on people. According to an old professor of mine, the Internet was designed to preserve information in the case of nuclear attack, and I doubt its creators had any idea just how nicely it would work in times of national emergency.

And also, despite how much we all bitch about it, we really do live in the greatest country on Earth. Let's pull together. Love our fellow man and woman. See how we can help.

And most importantly, if you believe in any deity, pray.
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