September 17th, 2001


I'm an ass.

I'm *such* an ass.

I'm always doing ass-type things like not being nice enough to my friends, or pissing off my friends, or freaking out my friends, or scaring off my friends.

I am a *huge* ass. Coincidentally, I am a huge ass with a huge ass.

I make an ass out of myself every day.

I made a big ass out of myself Friday night. I hope I didn't damage any dear friendships by being an ass Friday night.

I make an ass of myself in class. I make an ass of myself over email. I make an ass of myself on the phone. I make an ass of myself at Innovox. I am an ass.

Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass.
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    "I'm an Asshole" -- Denis Leary

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Did you ever feel like your ass was glued to the chair and you couldn't get up even though you needed to and you couldn't think even though you needed to and all you could do was just sit there and hit "reload" and hope for something to make sense of it all?

Puppy love

So, as stated earlier, I was having an ass day when I was walking to work and saw this adorable little so-ugly-she's-cute Shar-Pei. Her name was Lauren, and her owner let me pet her. She was so ugly and lovable when she licked my face. She totally changed my day for the better.

But I'm still an ass :)
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