September 23rd, 2001


Just a thought...

It's very annoying when you're trying to ask someone a question and they keep turning the subject back to themselves again and again and again.

Strange dream

I spent all day in bed, which was bad, because I have a buttload of homework. But I had this dream, which was good.

In my dream, I flew out to California on a huuuuge jumbo jet (with lots of terrorism precautions) to rent a room in Richard Belzer's house. (Richard Belzer is the actor who plays Det. John Munch on the late lamented Homicide, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and guest appearances on various other shows including The X-Files. He is also my most unusual celebrity crush.) Apparently he had been married to or otherwise involved with a sister of mine (even though I don't have a sister) and I was going to try to get them back together while I was out there. Instead, he and I fell in love. At the end of the dream, we had my sister's blessing, his cats liked me, and he was a dreamy kisser even though I had to stand on the stairs in order to kiss him.

I can't wait to hear what Jason thinks of this.

This was a nice change from my usual dreams. If I even remember those, which I rarely do, they're filled with confusion, chaos, and me screwing things up. But this was a dream where things went well. And it even had a happy ending, to boot.

If anyone wants to try to interpret my strange little, happy little dream, I'd love to watch you try. ;)
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My tarot reading

Thanks to Thespian, who has all the cool links today.

Online Tarot Card Reading

Where you are

XVI THE TOWER (Reversed)
This card implies sudden change, shock and realisation and vulnerability. The problems still have to be sorted out - it is not over yet.

Where you are going

The meaning of this card is you must keep all your projects in balance and not let them get out of hand. Nothing must take priority at this time. You must keep your options open and maintain the balance and the harmony. Juggling your finances so as not to let one particular commitment cause an overspend.

How you will get there

The card represents mysticism, hidden, subconscious or secret knowledge. This is a time when you 'know' without being told. You may be dreaming more vividly and want to explore their interpretations.

This knight may be full of self-confidence but it might be more than is prudent. He also represents, departure, travel, freedom and movement. He is alert and acts on impulse often making a quick decision to do something.

This king is a harsh but just man. The card may represent a professional man - lawyer etc or someone who works in the services. He administers his life with authority and organisation - a place for everything and everything in its place. He likes to guide people into his way of thinking and to lay down the law as he sees it. He demands justice because of a principle.

What will support your path

This card represents quiet contemplation, relaxation or isolation. It may mean that you are contemplating a holiday or one may be on offer after a fretful period of time. It also implies recuperation after a period of stress or illness. Perhaps you should be taking time out to consider various options.

Hmm, this is all pretty much the stuff that's been going on, though I haven't decided if I think the Knight and King represent anyone. And yes, I've been trying to relax and contemplate -- which is solid advice even if you think tarot is for the birds. (It's not. It's for Hello Kitty.)

The bit about dreaming is especially humorous today...