September 27th, 2001


Plan of action

As in, I need one.

If grad school is indeed not for me, I need to figure out what comes next.

I'm not leaving yet, so I have some time to think. What am I good at?

-- teaching? (my mother reacted very badly tonight when I thought out loud about teaching high school)
-- retail? (a hundred-thousand dollar education for this?)
-- editing? publishing? (hard to find jobs)
-- writing? (really hard to find jobs)
-- prostitution? (just kidding, really)

I guess what I'm trying to say is, does anyone want to hire me to lounge around in a bathrobe and eat bonbons? Kinda like an overgrown Persian cat.
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    "The Wrong Man Was Convicted" -- Barenaked Ladies

Systems go

I went by today and signed the lease. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get into my new place. Sandy pointed out that I'll appreciate having my own place a lot more because of all the creepy roommate experiences I've had.

Now... who wants to help me move? ;)
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