October 17th, 2001


Quotable quotes

"Life is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." -- Ford Prefect

"That's very profound; you should send it in to Reader's Digest. They've got a page for things like that." -- Arthur Dent

Of course, that's from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by the late lamented Douglas Adams, and if I screwed it up please forgive me; I don't have a copy handy.


My high-school friends and I used to make "quote lists" of memorable and/or amusing things that each other said. That was fun. Though I don't recommend writing them in a group -- someone will always want to add something he or she (or it) said that wasn't memorable and/or amusing at all.

Tonight at Innovox I remarked that "If I wore all black people would think I'm cool, but I don't so they just think I'm erratic."

Jonathan liked that and announced that was the second-best thing he'd ever heard me say. I asked what the first was. He said it was "James is as cute as a bug."

I don't think that should count. I didn't come up with that or anything. That's just a proven fact.
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Mommie Dearest

Things my mom nagged me about over break:

-- my sleeping habits
-- my room's cleanliness or lack thereof
-- my weight
-- my new rubber duckie
-- my breasts
-- my taste in men (shouldn't have told her I think Richard Belzer is cute)
-- my foul language
-- my yelling at the TV during Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
-- my favorite stores
-- my having a mind of my own

All dressed up and no place to go

Okay. I've figured out two possible Halloween costumes.

Option #1: Angel. Depends on me finding my sequined t-shirt that says "Angel" and an affordable pair of wings. Very low-profile costume.

Option #2: Daria. This one would be a little harder and presumably more expensive -- I'd have to find the green jacket, boots, and a skirt. And then I still might not get recognized.

And now that I have an idea, what am I going to do for Halloween? Any ideas or invitations?
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