October 19th, 2001


No one wants to hear about my phlegm.

(This post is rated S for Sick.)

I've been coughing up largish quantities of rather disgusting substances for a while now. It's apparently the leftover from a cold I had right before classes started in late August... in other words, almost two months ago. I figured I would cough it all out eventually, but maybe I should just go to the doctor instead. I mean, we got the health insurance for a reason. I think I might even be able to go to Student Health for almost free. Uh, where's Student Health? (cough)

It's damned hard to look dignified in front of your students when you keep coughing up like you're that chick from The Exorcist.
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    "Superman (It's Not Easy)" -- Five For Fighting

So much to say

I'm running majorly behind in entries I want to write, but I'm just too sleepy to do it right now. If I go home and take a nap, I might still be able to have a semi-fun Friday night.

You'd think that I enjoy depriving myself of inconsequential things like sleep.