November 16th, 2001


I've got personality

In fact, I have the same personality type I've had for years, it seems. I just went to this Meyer-Briggs-type site and once again confirmed that I am still an



or as I call it, the puppy dog of the world. Jumping up and down going "Like me like me like me!!"

Is this me or what?

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Night owl

I honestly believe that some people are wired to be nocturnal, and I'm one of them. I always get a second wind at night, even when I'm exhausted all day. It makes it really difficult to live a normal life... as if that weren't difficult enough anyway...
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Yes!! Yes!! Rock!!

Prof. Cahill came to observe my discussion section today. I was so nervous --I was running on a sleep deficit (around 10 hours over the past three days), my preparation wasn't the best ever, and I tend to freeze under pressure. The discussion went well, but there were some loooong pauses while I was looking for page numbers that made me really worried. I have a problem with long pauses in class while I collect my thoughts or just flake. Class ended, the students fled (at least they laughed at my jokes), and I braced myself.

The first words out of Prof. Cahill's mouth were, "That was great!!"

We're meeting to talk about it in twenty minutes, but so far she's really enthusiastic.

Maybe I'm good at what I do after all.
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