December 4th, 2001


Happy night

Wow. Tonight was just a really wonderful night.

I was at Innovox, surrounded by friends. Juliana was playing her guitar and it sounded incredible. Andrew and Jonathan were there, and I saw James and Ian, and Juliana and I were checking out this really hot guy and then he came and sat down with us! Of course he was all about Juliana, but I got to bask in his hotness ("heat" just doesn't have the same connotations) and once I thought I saw him looking at me. I called a pal to tell him an ex-friend was there, and now they may not be ex-friends anymore. And I was wearing my moss-green chenille sweater, so people were petting me like the overgrown kitty I am. purrrrrr....

I wish Juliana weren't about to leave. She's so cool, and I'm just getting to know her.

And, oh, things are looking up with D.
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    The Poignant Yet Pointless Crisis of a Co-Ed -- Dar Williams