December 12th, 2001


Handy tips

1). If you need to get lots and lots of shit done, don't go to the English Department holiday party and eat like a little piggie.

I had much ham, croissants, and delectable desserts (two different kinds of cheesecake from some frou-frou bakery). Therefore it will surprise no one that I spent most of the afternoon sacked out asleep in the computer lab.

2). If you have any sense of shame, don't go to your favorite professor's house and drink like a little fishie if you haven't had anything to eat.

I always enjoy Prof. Brownley's end-of-semester party, but this time I overslept and missed lunch before the party. I can normally hold my liquor, but those little crackers weren't enough this time. One moment I realized I had a stomachache, the next I was bent over the toilet with Emily nursing me with a wet washcloth.

Oh well. At least I didn't say anything embarrassing first. But still...
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