December 13th, 2001


Writing makes me hungry

We need a 24-hour place on campus for times like this when I'm writing (or not writing, rather) a paper and get the munchies. Like the Munchie Marts at Vandy. I'm sitting here in the library tapping away on the paper for Brownley (which is due in thirteen-and-a-half hours) thinking about how to get something to eat, I'll probably have to go off campus or something. I wonder if that building with the vending machines is unlocked?

How is it that a stupid little paragraph about wanting something to eat just flows out of my fingertips while a paper on a topic that I've been thinking about intently and intensely for days just won't come?
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    I wish.

I am not giving up.

...because I am the Kellinator and I don't give up, even when I should.

So I'm going home to work on this damned paper, probably in front of the TV while I watch news coverage of the very scary things going on in the world.

And then I have another, even worse, paper to write tomorrow.
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Finished the paper. Turned the paper in.

Have to write another paper now.

Kill me please!!!!!!
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