January 24th, 2002


There is no absolution.

Phil has dumped me.

This is the last time Phil will ever be mentioned in this journal.

This is a no-comments post. Anyone who cares enough to check on me can do so privately.
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I love my LiveJournal

I adore my LiveJournal. I love having a place where I can come and write out my woes, my joys, my concerns.

And while I write my LiveJournal for myself, I love having an audience. When someone pops in to compliment me on my "sparkliness" or whatever they want to call it, I'm on top of the world. I think deep down every writer wants to please people with what they write. I certainly do.

Now, there are lots of people on my friends list who hate each other. This has never really caused a problem for me. It's a JOURNAL, people, and people write what they need to. Anyone who makes sweeping judgments based on what they read on LJ is asking for trouble... there are always two sides to every story. Or more.

Now, if people think you're a jerk, it probably isn't because of something they read in my LiveJournal.

In closing, I love my LiveJournal, and nobody's going to tell me I can't.
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