January 25th, 2002


sad little Kelly

I feel like God has abandoned me.

I know everyone thinks it's just the breakup, but it's really not. It's also my misery in grad school. I've gone from the top of the heap to feeling like a fraud and a failure. I've gone from loving what I do to barely doing enough to get by. It's also the fact that lately friends are abandoning me right and left. It's the fact that I try as hard as I can to be a good person and not only does no one appreciate it, no one even seems to notice.

I made it through high school by telling myself that I would get out and things would get better. Now I find myself in my twenties -- which are just like your teen years, only with higher stakes -- and I can no longer convince myself of that.

I just want to grab the cats and some ice cream and lock myself in my apartment.
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    "Good Enough" -- Sarah McLachlan

News alert

You know the crawl space at the bottom of the screen on CNN where they run headlines? This morning it said "Study shows moderate drinking may prevent Alzheimer's."

As if I needed an excuse.
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