January 29th, 2002


I rock!

A was right!

By Meeki

Take the Test now!

See, partway through the movie A started calling me Hermione.

I took a couple of "sorting hat" tests recently which both placed me in Gryffindor. I was very pleased. If I am a loyal and a brave person, that's something I can be proud of.
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I shouldn't

I shouldn't have to be so defensive. I shouldn't have to write nearly-meaningless one-liners in my LiveJournal because I'm scared of what someone's going to say if I write what I really want to write. I shouldn't be hiding what I think just because someone will disapprove. I shouldn't have to look over my shoulder so much. I shouldn't have to bear the guilt for things I didn't do.

I shouldn't have to be on the run in my own life.
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As Jet Li said at the end of The One:

"I'm not your bitch!! You my bitch!!"
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"Bros before hos."

That's one of Rick's favorite expressions. It means your friends and their feelings should be more important to you than your sexual gratification.

Back in the day...

I was a naive little 18-year-old freshman at Vanderbilt and I met this guy. His name was Nathan. Nathan decided he wanted me to be his girlfriend, and bad. Looking back on it, he kinda bullied me into going exclusive before I was ready, but I didn't exactly do anything to stop him. Once I got used to the idea, it was wonderful -- long phone calls over spring break, making out in his room all night, standing on street corners in the rain with his arm wrapped around me. And I let myself believe that he loved me, and I fell in love with him.

Then I invited him to a party called the Cross Dress Fest. He pronounced it sexually deviant, announced he couldn't deal with my liberal politics, and dumped me.

I took it hard. I cried until my nose was raw from all the drainage. I bought Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt, still the best breakup CD ever for my money, and played it constantly.

Then a week later my best friend got with Nathan.

I took it even harder. I mean, the people we date will break up with us sometimes. It's a part of life. And we will sometimes fall in love with people we shouldn't. We may even fall in love with our best friend's ex, and I can understand that.

But for my friend to look at my obvious pain -- the pain I had cried out to her -- and tell me I didn't have a right to it was out of line.

Actually, the friendship didn't end. But it was never the same. I couldn't trust her, and she couldn't understand me.

If you're wondering how the story ended, I was at a party about a month later and saw Nathan there. I mentioned it to a mutual friend the next day and that's when we discovered Nathan had lied to his new girlfriend about where he was going to be that night. She was all set to dump him for it. He sweet-talked her out of it and then dumped her two days later.
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I wonder if juiceboxhero realizes what a trendsetter he is.

Several of us converged on Burrito Art on Friday night to partake of the marvelous mangoritas Juicebox has been raving about.

First I got lost in a really unpleasant looking section of town. I kept expecting someone to offer me drugs. "Hey kid, the first one's free." I'm so sheltered...

I finally arrived at Burrito Art to find juiceboxhero warming up with some beer before hitting the main event. vidicon, that slacker, ducked out early, but not before I got to hug him. jathomas also gave me hugs, gotta love him! traumedy was preparing for his trip, nativeatlantan was discussing her work as the devil's advocate for the Devil's party (sorry, couldn't resist!), and 2can was arm-wrestling elizabethf. And I got to meet the charming mdaniel. Then not_hothead_yet arrived with baphomet13 and ladylabyrinth in tow.

The most embarrassing moment of the evening: "Hey elizabethf, what's your real name again?"

I am pleased to report that the mangoritas are just as yummy as reported! How many did I have again?

When the wait staff got bored with our smiling faces, juiceboxhero, mightywombat, nativeatlantan, and I set out to the Fox and Hound to prove that we can't be stopped! Well, at least JuiceBox can't.

The evening was a most assured success! Let's do it again, and soon -- does anyone have a place where we can have it? For what we spent on our bar tab, we could gorge ourselves on Papa John's and Smirnoff Ice, which sounds good to this starving grad student. Who's game?
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