February 4th, 2002


In other news...

Remember D, faithful readers? In an unexpected development, he called tonight to invite me to his new house for dinner.

I'm sure it doesn't mean anything, but I can't help but think that he sounded a little... nervous as he asked me...
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As if there was ever any doubt...

Take the Which Powerpuff Girl Are You? Test.

We discovered this the summer I was living in Nashville in a house that smelled of dog piss and feet with atomicnumber51 and our friend Chow.

I love kitties and puppies and flowers. I am Bubbles.

Natalia has a double black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and doesn't take shit from anyone. She's Buttercup.

Chow? Chow is a bitch. Chow is Blossom.
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Doin' the happy dance!!

One of the bookstores I like to frequent is called the Dragon and Phoenix. They just started up a new retreat called the Dragonfly Lounge, up in the mountains... I could never afford it, but of course I entered the drawing for a free weekend there, because I always enter drawings.

Got a call from the owner. I won!

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