February 5th, 2002


Icon help

Any chance someone who's good with computers could help me?

I want to shrink a couple of pics to icon size... Hey dovetail66, can you send me that one?

And I'm trying to find a picture of Daria for an icon... anyone got one I can use?

Of course, my ultimate dream is that jathomas will draw me an icon... maybe if I bribe him heavily...

To answer a question....

from tygerlilly:

"I don't know if this has been said yet or not, but...what type of guy do you WANT and what type have you been dating?"

Well, I want a guy who is:

  • smart
  • kind
  • cute
  • fun
  • romantic
  • dependable
  • supportive
  • close to my age
  • Christian
  • polite
  • liberal
  • compassionate
  • has lots in common with me
  • has a great sense of humor
  • good listener
  • loves cats
  • not a loser
  • thinks I'm wonderful.

Lest you think my standards are too stringent, I'd like to remind you all that I am the chick who has a crush on Richard freakin' Belzer. So it shouldn't be that hard for me to find someone I'm attracted to.

If anyone knows this guy, would they let me know? Or at least someone who matches up with most of this stuff?
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