February 6th, 2002


Fun with horrorscopes

I got this today:

"Dear Kelly,
A new relationship is likely to form today, and it will be with someone who is already in your life. Perhaps it is someone you knew in high school and you're just recently back in touch, or perhaps a colleague at work suddenly begins to pay you a lot of attention. Romance is definitely in the air today, Kelly, so keep your eyes open for subtle cues from the men in your life."

So, who's the lucky guy? ::watches readers run for door::

A couple of days ago I got this one:

"This morning, Kelly, you might look in the mirror and be horrified at what you see. You've been working hard and are stressed out, so you probably look tired. You're apt to blow it all out of proportion, however, and think you look a lot worse than you actually do. Treat yourself to some new clothes and makeup, and then get some rest. Tomorrow you'll probably look as beautiful as ever. Hang in there."

No, that's how I look every day...

Over the weekend I got one telling me that the last thing I should do was spend the day inside cleaning because it would make me depressed. Well, by the time I read it I had already spent all day inside cleaning and was no more depressed than usual.

So, how often is your horoscope correct?
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