February 12th, 2002


"May you live in interesting times." -- ancient Chinese curse

Enough with the drama.

I am so tired of the drama. I am so tired of being Soap Opera Girl. I am so tired of waking up and wondering what crazy shit is going to happen today.

I know some people think I encourage the drama, but I don't do it intentionally. I'm so tired of my life attracting chaos. We've been through this, remember? I'm a Taurus; I crave stability.

I want a nice normal boring life. Boring has to beat this.
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The cat is taunting me.

This morning Sam, my landlords' kitty tub of lard, was lying on my bed trying to bite me while I petted him, so I started taunting him: "I'm smarter than you!"

Then I got to thinking:

I'm constantly tired, constantly hungry, and constantly broke.

Sam sleeps whenever he wants, eats whenever he wants, and generally lives in the lap of luxury.

I think Sam is laughing right now.
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