February 18th, 2002


Where have you gone, Kristi Yamaguchi?

Some of my cherished childhood memories have to do with Olympic figure skating. I really started watching it with my mom when I was... oh, ten, I guess, during the Calgary Winter Olympics in '88. She even let me stay up late to watch the skating -- A Really Big Deal. Mom and I have enjoyed skating ever since, going to ice shows together. We've probably seen most of the major skaters of the past twenty years.

The thing that surprises me about the recent skating controversy isn't that it happened. It's that people were surprised.

Come on! This sort of shit has been happening for years (remember Nancy Kerrigan/Oksana Baiul, anyone?). The Soviet bloc votes together, the West votes together, and then the Russians claim "greater artistry" which usually means "more boring." Just because it has no crowd appeal doesn't make it good.

Silly shits.
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