February 25th, 2002


Doctor doctor, gimme the news

I went back to my new doctor, Dr. Mielke, at Emory today to see the results from my bloodwork and we discovered that not only do I need some work on my thyroid (it's on the very last number considered normal), I may have ovarian cysts. I'm getting referred to endocrinology (and dermatology, for a mole Dr. Mielke doesn't like the looks of even though I'm attached to it, literally and figuratively. Dad called it my beauty spot, and he had one in the same place, but he just had his removed so I guess I might as well too).

I just love Dr. Mielke. She sits down and discusses all my options and possibilities with me. She's been especially sensitive to my weight concerns, too, as opposed to my male doctors who just slap me on the back and say "You're eating out too much!" Yeah, I know I need to exercise, but my weight has ballooned without a change in my eating habits. It feels so good to be vindicated. I think she saw the expression of joy on my face when she said it could be contributing to the depression too. I said "You mean it's not all in my head?" and she said, "Well, it is, but it's the pituitary gland." I also told her I had been to the Emory shrink and she praised me, saying "You're really taking good care of yourself!" That was nice.

The Emory shrink was a refreshing change, too; he actually asked me about my symptoms before just picking something at random. He decided to give me Wellbutrin because of my fatigue problems and I nearly squealed -- that's the one whorlwind thinks I should be on. A little early to see changes yet, though.
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Just call me Miss Cleo.

I really would like to get good enough at the tarot to charge for readings. Like, on EBay or something.

I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it unless I knew I was good, and, I don't know, I think it would be a nifty thing to do. I think I'd like it.
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