March 18th, 2002


The audience

Look... I love having an audience, people who are interested in what I have to say. It's the main reason I keep this journal rather than a paper one.

If you like showing up and reading this, then I'm really glad. Especially considering that in the past few weeks I've pretty much ceased to say anything of importance.

If you read this and you like it, I hope you'll tell me. You don't have to identify yourself or anything. I have a site counter mainly to flatter my ego and see how many hits I get.

But considering some of the attacks that have been made on me in recent weeks, I think it's pretty understandable that I've become suspicious. Many times I've considered taking this journal friends-only, but I like to share myself with the world whether the world wants it or not. I've also considered disabling anonymous posting, but I'd miss A's occasional comments too much.

So... I don't even know what I'm getting at in writing this. If I spend all my time worrying about what other people think of me, I'll never get anything done. But I'm not trying to make any enemies.

I shouldn't listen to the "Moral Majority" in the mornings, cuz mornings are already bad enough.

Would somebody please tell William "I show my gratitude to the single mother who raised me by constantly railing against anything that smells like feminism, an alternative to the male-headed nuclear family, or anything that was created since the '50s, even though I obviously turned out okay in a nontraditional household because I'm smart enough to tell everyone else in the world what they should do" Bennett that the average homosexual male is no more likely to molest little boys than the average heterosexual male is to molest little girls?!
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Oh well...

After pulling that all-nighter and working my ass off on my presentation, I got a voice mail from my professor suggesting we postpone my presentation till next week to have more time for Crashaw's poetry.

Actually, I don't mind. I wasn't happy with my bibliography, and now I can polish it and make it much better.
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I have the power!!

A while back some of us Atlanta LJers were hanging out and tangophantom kept saying "Have I plugged heman yet?"

Well, I finally got over there, and I think you should too!

heman even put me on his friends list!

Funny though, he's not quite what I remember from the cartoons of my childhood...
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