March 20th, 2002


Great new time-waster!!

kelliecoo posted this and I have found it a source of untold amusement:

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The longest I've found so far is seven hops with yahoo. I type in names almost randomly to see what happens. Wooooo!!
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Something that mystifies me

Why is it that I make Shakespearean allusions in my personal ads and still the only hits I get are from functionally-illiterate alcoholics on the other side of the Atlantic?
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A new theory

Today in the break room at the library I noticed a magazine titled "Child," and I idly wondered why I'd never seen fathers reading it, only mothers.

Then it hit me.

Women read magazines about being a better mother, being a better entertainer, being a Martha Stewart clone, thin rich celebrities, being a better cook, dieting, expensive fashions on skinny models, and pleasing your man in bed.

Men read magazines about cars, boats, hunting, fishing, naked women, gadgets, and how to get your woman to please you in bed.

I think I just figured out why women have higher rates of depression than men.
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I had lunch with yendi and his lady love today, and I must say they are the most blissful couple I've ever seen.

And oh yeah, now I have my Barbie!! Rock!!
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snippet from AIM

Sophestry: The pain that you feel can only be healed through living.
kellamania: oh, cut with the Zen crap.
Sophestry: Zen like hell that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Moron of the Day Award

I was on one personal-ad website and got not one, but two collect calls from a 50-year-old.

When I ignored them, he paid to write me begging me to talk to him.

Good move. Too cheap to write her on your own dime, even though you have the damn credits, until you're certain she won't spend her own to talk to you. Really impresses the ladies.
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