March 23rd, 2002


Guilt pangs

Because it just wouldn't be a normal day without Kelly feeling guilty about something...

If my calculations (as counted out on my fingers) are correct, I've made a hundred bucks flyering for Innovox since I got back from spring break.

The more difficult calculation is figuring out where that hundred bucks went.

$7 -- the booze involved in the "psychotic episode" debacle
$20 -- 'song's extra Princess of Ireland Barbie (yes, I know that was frivolous, but she's so pretty!)
$most of the rest -- eating out (my biggest weakness)

Geez Louise. I've got to get my spending under control.

I'm making all sorts of typing mistakes because my fingers are cold and numb from being outside flyering. It makes typing take much, much longer.

I'm going home and going to bed.
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