May 20th, 2002


Oh shit

This week would be off to an absolutely brilliant start if it weren't for the fact that I forgot I was supposed to work this morning and ended up being woken by a call from a confused (though understanding) supervisor. Shit.
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"I am not a bargain-basement girl!!"

How much do I love Innovox? Here's how much I love Innovox: I skipped the Survivor season finale for Innovox.

jonnyx and I showed up at Vox for the big bash a little before 9. We bought tickets and both decided to let ourselves be auctioned for the cause. Drank coffee, saw a ton of people, most of my Innovox friends... it was just too much to think that, like Cinderella's ball, it might all end at midnight. I mean, it's cheesy but it's true.

There were tons of cute guys there who kept hitting on... JonnyX. I remarked more than once on this.

The auction was hilarious. salomes_pimp, orpheusrabbit, and even thunderclap all stripped. It was all a sight to see.

I was way nervous about the auction. I was pretty convinced no one would bid on me. So I shook my rump and trash-talked the audience. jonnyx was yelling "Show us your tits!" and polychromatic22 was yelling "Come on! She got kicked out of grad school; she has no hope!" "Or shame!" I added. Luckily, whorlwind and a friend of shadesong's got in a bidding war over me. I believe I went for $56.50 -- the second highest single price of the night (Jeff was the most, of course) and the highest for a single girl. serendipty and her friend got more but they were a package deal. There was one guy who bought four dates. He explained his girlfriend had just broken up with him and he was treating himself.

The confidence boost led me to strut over and shamelessly hit on the adorable geek boy I had hoped would hit on me. Let's just say he has my number ;)

The doors stayed open after midnight, which I took as a good sign, and about 1 AM we found out that the rest of the auction was being postponed till next week. jonnyx is determined to go for at least a hundred.

I don't know what will happen. I don't know if we'll be able to save Innovox for good. But we helped, and I was a big part of that. And that feels good.
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