June 6th, 2002


And now, the news.

Waking up in time to watch bits and pieces of the Today show certainly makes life more interesting. And that one with Paula Zahn on CNN, that has the cranky old guy who I love because he doesn't pretend to be happy to be out of bed so damn early. What's his name?

* * * *

Katie Couric interviewed the couple in Utah whose daughter was kidnapped. I felt so terrible for them. They looked horrible; the mother could barely even speak. Why does shit like this happen?

* * * *

(remarks on Israeli/Palestinian situation censored by order of the Homeland Security Office)

* * * *

What confuses me is how they didn't realize R. Kelly was a sexual predator. Shouldn't it have set off some red flags when he married Aaliyah when she was, like, fifteen? And he's settled out of court how many times?

I was too young to understand the Rob Lowe scandal, but can someone tell me how it was different from this (or not)? My impression is he was much closer in age to the girl in that case, but I want clarification.

* * * *

Is it in Tom Brokaw's contract that NBC must refer to "the Greatest Generation" every five minutes?

Whatever. I love him anyway. I grew up with him. I totally understood what my mom meant when she said recently, "On September 11 I knew I'd feel like it was going to be okay if I could just see Tom Brokaw."
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I haven't read Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, but Lillie has, and she told me she thought it was silly and overrated, so I'll probably pass on it. (Incidentally, this came up while she was telling me she thought I should be an editor because she thinks I have a good feel for what contemporary women like to read. I take this as a huuuuge compliment.)

But I couldn't resist finding out what my Ya-Ya name would be on the Ya-Ya Name Generator at moviephone.com. I came up Viscountess Shines Like the Sun.

That's nice, but I think I'm really more of a Duchess Quacks Like a Duck, or a Countess Chasing Kitties.

I sent Lillie her name. It was Empress Sitting Duck.
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I eat

I eat because I'm bored.
I eat because I'm stressed.
I eat because I'm tired.
I eat because I'm lonely.
I eat because I'm sad.
I eat because I'm cranky.
I eat because I'm mad.
I eat because I'm drunk.
I eat because I'm depressed.

I eat because I'm always hungry.
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