June 22nd, 2002


Surfin' the Web

What are some of your favorite online haunts (besides LJ, of course)?

Mine include:

www.likesbooks.com -- All About Romance, the website I review romance novels for. It's a very funny, snarky site, and my reviews have been quoted in a couple of books (though once they quoted a negative review and twisted my words, which both amused me and pissed me off). Here's a link to a recent book I really enjoyed, and one of my all-time favorite history books.

www.tarotforum.net -- the Aeclectic Tarot discussion board. A great place to talk about tarot and trade decks.

www.thehungersite.com -- the Hunger Site. Just like it says -- give food to hungry people for free. Click daily.

www.tarottotes.com -- Tarot Totes. Because I know you gamers need bags for your dice.

cnn.com -- CNN. A quick and dirty place to get news.

www.ew.com -- Entertainment Weekly.com. Where I get most of my movie news.

www.ebay.com -- eBay. Because everyone loves junk.

www.half.com -- Half.com. A great place for used books, CDs, and other stuff.

www.amazon.com -- Amazon. Because sometimes only new will do. (I've got a wish list! Buy me stuff! ;) ) Plus, you can check the Hot 100 to keep your finger on the pulse of American culture. Sometimes it surprises me -- after September 11, bestsellers actually included books on Osama bin Ladin, the Twin Towers, terrorism, and Islam.

So what do you think of these sites? What are your favorite sites? Which sites should I be checking out?
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