June 29th, 2002


"I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real worm..."

So, yesterday I went to the They Might Be Giants concert at On the Bricks (the Star 94 concert at Centennial Olympic Park, not the 99X concert in a parking lot).

When I told one of my co-workers I was going, she said something about the person who died after being in a fight after one of the earlier concerts. I told her I thought I'd be fine, because all the rowdy people were going to Papa Roach, and anyway, "We TMBG fans don't carry guns, we carry pocket protectors." I later remarked that TMBG vs. Papa Roach was a classic battle of good vs. evil.

shadesong, yendi, and I made our way down on MARTA and managed to find terracinque and ilexx at the park. ilexx's friend Justin joined us later, and I saw my friend Daniel, who I thought was still in Cincinatti!

We sat in the grass and listened to the opening bad, which I actually kinda liked. I can't remember their name... Superjump? Superdump? Superdump sounds like something my brother would have said when he was fourteen. "I'm gonna go take a Superdump." Hell, he probably did say it. The weather was great, and it just felt so good to sit there and listen to loud music.

Then TMBG came on. As usual, Flans did all the interacting with the crowd, but I did see Linnell smile once. ::swoon:: The show, of course, was excellent, as if there were any question. They played a lot of their new stuff, plus classics like "Istanbul," "Birdhouse in Your Soul," and a lot of Apollo 18, plus one of my favorites, "New York City." It was really cool to see what's essentially a cult band get such a great (and large!) reception. And it's so clear that the Johns love playing and love their audience. We brought them back for an encore and they went over the curfew to play two songs. They would have kept going if they could. And of course, Flans was hilarious. "Well, maybe we'll play another song and sleep in the pokey tonight..." We were dancing, and shadesong and yendi were dancing together and they're such a cute couple... almost as cute as me and Reed Diamond. ::swoon::

After the show, though, we had to deal with the crowd, which included the Papa Roach crowd.

The MARTA ride was some sort of nightmare. There were way too many people on the train, and most were behaving rudely, stupidly, or both. A really drunk guy was falling over on me and 'song and I had to shove him off. When it happened again, I told him to stay out of my way. He told me to shut the fuck up. So I did something really unusual for me... I told him to kiss my ass. "You're drunk, and you're a moron." People were staring. I thought he might take a swing at me. He was drunk enough that I probably could have held my own. It was exhilarating to tell this asshole exactly what I thought of him. I may do it more often.

And then... there was this curly blond-headed guy. He couldn't have been more than 20, I figure. He came over and stood between me and the asshole. 'song and I were just sitting there giving him adoring looks. His kindness totally made up for all the assholes on the train. It's so good to know there are some decent people out there.
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