July 10th, 2002


Who do you really love?

Here's a hypothetical question for you:

Let's say you meet your soulmate, and all is perfect, except for one little thing: Soulmate is allergic to your beloved pet.

Who do you dump?

the soulmate
the pet
If s/he really loves me, s/he'll take allergy meds.
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The power of prayer

Well, the two dogs I prayed for yesterday, aheadofmymind's dog and kelliecoo's mother's dog, are both in better health today!

A few months back one of my fellow reviewers at www.likesbooks.com was going through a difficult pregnancy and was in danger of having the baby prematurely. Several of us offered our prayers. The reviewer in question is not religious at all -- but after her baby was not only not premature, but late, she conceded that maybe there was something to this prayer stuff.

Keep those requests coming, and don't forget mine!
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Why the hell can't I post something postive about prayer without (almost) all the atheists getting their panties in a wad?

I don't spend all my time trying to convert you. I don't expect that you'll change your minds over one little post I made, and I don't give you grief over your beliefs. Get over yourselves.
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