July 16th, 2002



I'm so bored. It's so insanely quiet here. Not that I mind, I've just caught up on reading my friends list and now I'm sitting here waiting for people to update.

I don't really want to think right now.
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Weight watching

The diet, or rather eating changes, must be going okay. One of the custodians at the library remarked both yesterday and today that I look like I've lost weight. Either I have lost a couple of pounds already, or the clothes Mom skillfully selected really do camouflage. Either way, it's a good thing ;)

I stocked up on Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers frozen dinners (they were on a great sale, anyway) and I've been trying to eat them for meals as often as I can stand to -- no worrying about portion size. Plus I've been trying for more salad and lots more fiber, and I've nearly cut out Cokes (my downfall). I'm drinking close to two liters of fruit-flavored no-calorie water every day, which seems to help. And though I'll probably get holy heck for admitting this, I decided to try Hydroxycut after my mom relayed that a friend of hers, who has had a heart attack in the past, is taking it with her doctor's blessing. I've only been taking it since yesterday, so it hasn't had anything to do with my results so far. And I managed to go for 18 minutes today on the glider, which should be easier to motivate myself to do now that I see the TV in the workout room has been hooked up. And I've been making an effort to eat breakfast bars to keep my body from thinking it's starving in the mornings, though I seem to be hungrier for lunch if I eat breakfast.

I'm already feeling the effects. I'm a little more energetic, and I just feel better. And maybe it's my imagination, but the spot between the desk and the pillar at work seems a lot easier to get through.

Thanks to everyone who's given good tips.
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