July 17th, 2002


"Diet" rant

Last night I was getting a trash dose from Dateline NBC (I don't care how many journalistic awards it gets, it's still trash) and this reporter who had lost fifty pounds on the Atkins diet was doing a report on diets.

There was a segment where Dr. Dean Ornish chastised the reporter and told him he was killing himself and he must switch to his diet pronto. When said reporter looked at the guide and said "I can't live on this!" Ornish replied "Of course you can!", which shows how out of touch he is with the average American. Sure you can live on greens and tofu, and a few of us even like it, but I fail to see the point if you make your life miserable in the process.

I can't decide who's worse, Dr. Atkins with his scary ketosis-inducing diet, or Dr. Ornish with his condescending, holier-and-healthier-than-thou attitude. Actually, worst of all is that bastard doctor I went to last month who combined the worst aspects of both, telling me I could never eat anything I liked without actually telling me what I could eat.


Poll #47208 The "diet" poll

Who's worse?

Dr. Atkins
Dr. Ornish
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Celebrity sleaze

One of my guilty pleasures is catching the "Celebrity Sleaze" segment of the 99X Morning Show (I'm not big on the station, but I like the show, and so does Creative Loafing, so there!) in the mornings.

Today's Sleaze even provided the grist for a poll:

Poll #47211 The Celebrity Sleaze poll

Who's to blame for the Angelina-Billy Bob breakup?

Billy Bob
Who gives a shit?
Who cares, now I have a shot with Angelina!
Who cares, now I have a shot with Billy Bob!

What revived Winona's career?

Mr. Deeds
the arrest

Describe Courtney Love.

The new Elvis, just like she says!!
Makes Yoko Ono look well-adjusted.

How long will Julia Roberts' new marriage last?

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Fun with horrorscopes

Okay folks, does this sound like me?


Primary Characteristics
Self Reliant

Positive Personality Traits
Patient and reliable
Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving
Warmhearted and loving

Can be jealous and possessive
Can be resentful and inflexible
Can be self-indulgent and greedy

For the curious, I'm a Taurus on the Aries cusp with my moon in Scorpio and my ascendant in Sagittarius. Take the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, add the Ram, and put the moon in the sign of obsession. No wonder I'm crazy.

(thanks to sideshowjohn for the link)
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Further thoughts on LJ Singles

I'm not so sure if this is a good idea. I mean, personals ads are all about putting the best spin on things, and LJ is where I put out all my insecurities and bitchiness. It's not exactly endearing. The last LJ boy I liked ran away screaming.

On the other hand, a more honest environment might actually make things more pleasant for everyone.
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