July 21st, 2002


Attack of the Blond Bimbo

I keep seeing stuff everywhere about Anna Nicole Smith's new reality show on E!. It was even in Time fuckin' magazine. Slow news week, I guess. Really fuckin' slow.

Did you know she weighs more than I do? I find that oddly comforting.

And according to the Time reporter, if left to her own devices she would just sit in bed and eat pickles all day. So the network is pumping her full of Red Bull in hopes that she'll do something stupid.

Heaven help me, I may have to watch this shit.
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Holy shit.

I just talked to Mom on the phone.

My little brother is proposing to his girlfriend tonight.

At first I was just plain happy. Then I started freaking. He's too young to get married! (He's 21, and they've been together for four years. The family likes her so much that Dad once informed him that if they ever broke up, we were keeping her, concluding with my dad's version of "You are the weakest link. Goodbye.") If my little brother's getting married, then I must be old!! And of course, if my younger brother is getting married, what's wrong with me and my love life?

If anyone needs me, I'll be freaking out.
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SaveKaryn continues to be good for a laugh.

From her money-saving tips section:

"Tonight I went out for drinks with "Nice Guy But Not My Type." NGBNMT is really nice, like me. But he's not my type. I went out with him for drinks because I knew he'd take me to a place that served food and I'm hungry. So I had some nice conversation, scored a bit of liquor AND some grub. That was nice. ATTENTION: NGBNMT IS AWARE THAT HE IS NOT MY TYPE. I'M NOT LEADING HIM ON."

The mind boggles...
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It's official.

My family just called me to tell me. Leah told me all about it -- Brad wrapped the ring up in a box of perfume that he gave to her. She'd been crying. I was so pleased that they called me to tell me. I made Brad get on and congratulated him. I told him he'd gotten a good one and he'd better be good to her, and he said he is. I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too, which coming from him is a really big deal.
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Take a weight off

It's remarkable to me that I'm already feeling changes in my body. Yesterday I kept patting my tummy and saying "See? It's smaller" to anyone who would indulge me. I haven't actually weighed myself yet, but my new clothes are already looser. Though I'm not sure if I'm doing the weight work right, my arms look a little buffer. My mom was thrilled when I told her today.

And one unexpected benefit of working out on the glider: It's working my back muscles, which means my always-horrendous posture is improving. Meaning I look taller and more confident, with a smaller tummy and bigger breasts ;)
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