July 25th, 2002



This morning I was commenting in friends' journals when I realized I was posting "me too" like some brain-dead AOLer.
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For my fellow librarians...

Do you also have problems with everyone and their brother trying to bring drinks in your library? What the hell is so hard to understand about this rule? I thought it was intuitive, but then again I grew up in libraries and am meticulous about taking care of books.
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I think the reason I loathe SaveKaryn so passionately is because I see a little too much of myself in her.
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It must be a sign!

Today's horoscope:

"Move forward, even if it's not toward any preferred destination.
Although your world isn't exactly falling apart, you'd quickly trade it for a new one. Try not to take your job quite so personally."

That last line is the important one...
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