August 13th, 2002


The joys of cataloging

While cataloging some old anthropological journals I came across something so obscure it must be mentioned:

"The dental pathology of Medieval-Christian Sudanese-Nubians from the Batn-el-Hajar"

It's so multiclassified! I love it!

Hey, the_yellow_king, aren't you allied with those guys?
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Yeah, baby!

Today as I was getting in the shower I glimpsed myself in the mirror.

I thought Damn, I look good.

Almost everything looks better, and I'm even getting a little muscular in the arms.

It's encouraging. I've been at this a month and haven't made myself miserable yet. I have more energy; if I'd realized, I would have done this long ago. And I'm pleased with how I look, but more pleased with my follow-through.
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