August 14th, 2002


Aw, hell.

My head hurts again. I am having far too many headaches lately for my taste (as if there's such a thing as a taste for headaches).
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Why I'm always so sleepy

Here's an average night at Casa Kellinator...

Go to bed. Get up and let Sam in. Can't sleep because of Sam tearing up the apartment looking for food. Yell at Sam. Sam starts scratching and meowing. Get up and let Sam out. Nick runs in. Try to coax Nick to curl up in a little ball of kitty love. Nick scratches at the door and meows. Get up and let Nick out. Sam runs in.

Lather, rinse, and repeat. And repeat. And repeat...

One of my friends who crashed on the extra mattress one time said I kept doing this in my sleep. The cats have me very well-trained...
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I'm a bitch.

Woohoo. A and sirinek and I went to trivia tonight and it sucked big smelly donkey balls. All the teams were rude and cheating. I told one bastard off at the end of the night and he called me a bitch. Coming from a big sack of monkey shit like him, this was a compliment. If I ever play there again, I wanna see how many names I can get called.

Yeah, I'm a bitch! And damn proud of it!

A wanted me to make sure you all know that he's really cute and cool and available.

You know how when you apply for a job, you have to have references? I think we should start getting references for people we date. I'd give A a good reference.
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I'm sitting here, and A is petting his dog and telling her that I'm a cochina, and I'm yelling, "What the fuck's a cochina?"

He says it's because I make vulgar comments.
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